Halong Bay- Vietnamese Memories

Halong Bay

When someone talks about natural wonders, name of Halong bay comes to mind immediately. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. There are loads and loads of beautiful scenes for you to enjoy your life. I bet your few days at Halong bay will be a life time experience. The coastline is vast with numerous floating villages, stunning caves and shallow waters. You will find abundance of lakes inside limestone islands. At every place of  Halong bay there are natural surprises for you to have fun and excitement. The scenic beauty of caves, lakes and waters gives you perfect opportunity to come in action with your camera. You will love the photos shooting here as you get serene images of nature here. Let me tell you which are best places to photo shoot with your new camera and capturing the wonderful world of sea and islets.

Halong Bay

Capture artistic beauty of famous cave- Dau Go Grotto:

This cave was given name of driftwood because of presence of wooden pieces out of ironwood skates build at time of resistance war against Nguyen. These wooden pieces give a look of mosaic structure when you entered the cave. The cave grotto is divided in to three main chambers. In first chamber you will see a colossal pillar with a large vault. If you look closely at the pillar top you will see a monk draped in dark cloak with right hand clasping a cane.

In the first chamber, in the very middle of the grotto, is a colossal pillar supporting the large vault. On the top of the pillar, there appears to be a monk draped in a long, dark cloak, with his right hand clasping a cane.

Moving into the second chamber, visitors pass through a narrow “door”, naturally formed through erosion. The light here is mysterious, and new images appear in the stone.

The third chamber of the grotto is widely opened. At the end of the grotto is a well of clear water and surrounded by four ancient walls. Looking up in the dim light we recognize that surrounded is the image of an ancient citadel and a scuffle of elephants, horses, man with bristly swords and spears.

Take fantastic photos of amazing Ti Top Island:

It is the most beautiful place to be at Halong bay. It is known as heaven of relaxation in Halong because of its scenic beauty, stunning landscape, calm atmosphere, and shiny white sand and cool water. It is thus the best place to have many clicks from your camera. If you want to have some mind blowing shoots, click at the time of dawn and dusk. The amount of light is best at this time to clearly capture natural beauty. From the top of mountain Ti Top you can have panoramic view of surroundings and it will make a perfect picture for you to save on canvas. When you are back home, do convert these memories onto beautiful canvas using canvas printing online to enjoy lovely moments. Other than photography there are many facilities which you can enjoy at small beach including swimming and parasailing.

Enjoy the diversity of aquatic products:

Halong bay has diversity of marine resources owing to its nutrient-rich water, large tidal flats and calm sea. You will love marine creatures here. If you are an expert you can even click underwater with high resolution camera. There are some 315 species of fish and 452 species of mollusk present in Halong bay waters. That is why it is one of the favorite places for growth of aqua culture. halong bay tour