Scenic beauty of Halong Bay

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

From time immemorial, Halong Bay has been cultural celebrity Nguyen Trai assessment is of the land between the high heavens. Speaking to Halong Bay, we must first talk to the fairy beauty of non clouds here.

Looking down from above, Halong Bay as a giant picture wearing extremely lively with thousands of islands. no room to separate detached touches create extremely talents.

Charming Halong Bay
Charming Halong Bay

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Natural beauty of Halong Bay

Under skillful hands, the flowers of nature, inanimate rock islands, tranquil become vivid characters, familiar to humans. Double Island is like playing chicken together on the waves flutter (Hon Trong Mai), the island resembles a giant turtle sleeping dim (Turtle island) or as an old monk is overlooking the sea palms chanting anniversary Buddha (Hon Mr. Su).

Then there is the island like a giant censer stood at sea as sacrifices to heaven and earth (Dinh Huong islet) and many, many other islands familiar shape that we still undiscovered secrets miraculous.

Halong - UNESCO heritage
Halong – UNESCO heritage

Halong sea of a blue four loving season. Spring between the vast waves of silver covering mist, rocks become soft and flexible, floating on the waves

Summer, light dawn on the horizon, such as rocks and rising up from the water immense. Full bay bears a bright red changing to blue. The silvery ripples racing bucket moves across the bay to shore. These orchids and plants take from between rocks, brilliant flowering.

Interesting activities

When visiting Halong Bay, the most fun is to sit on a sailboat, weaving between islands interlocking forests as bulwark endless open for a short moment we bypass boat. Old scene closed, the new scene appears. The winding road that seemed never ending.

The beauty of Ha Long is not only exposed in the mountain shape, color clouds water, but hidden in the rocky islands, with a cave system extremely rich concentrated in the center of the estate. Thien Cung magnificent, energetic Dau Go, Sung Sot cave deep in secret …

And there are countless other beautiful caves associated with folk legend as the Trinh Nu cave, lake Tien … Each cave is a magnificent castle architecture and extremely sophisticated creation

The Halong Bay also brings a unique beauty as dusk falls. This time the bay was dyed a bright red hue of the last sunbeams. Scenery adhered to weave wonderful colors. When night falls, in the moonlight, the water like silver plated with dark blends of translucent stone remote islands make Ha Long Bay becomes illusory as real as a dream.